Work hard - Luck is the concept invented by …..

Word Hard - Luck is the concept invented by …..

There are different views about the happenings around you, as per your liking or choice.  But reality has no question mark on such activities.  

It is in interpretation which is in our own hands.  Sometimes when something happen wrong or right, we say, it is his luck or the outcome of ‘Karma’ and its percentage depends upon the nature or capacity of understanding. However, it is always different for each one depending upon the nature or liking in the particular event.

We can never be hundred percent correct as there is always a flexibility of changing the idea and so far as elucidation on particular issue is concerned, it could be 99.9 percent.

Some term the luck as the fate is already written, but no knows where and one can’t read it and that is why, it is termed as an afterthought.  Or in more clear terms, it can be said, it is to cover-up your failures.

One thing is guaranteed, the art of right interpretation don’t come with hard work but it comes with right understanding based on the reality of the particular situation.  A stored memory in our mind on the similar situation, do help in for better analysis and vision.

Only a good vision can change the world not in few moments but sometime it takes years to see the results.

 I recollect a story when I was a student of Urdu Amoz class – when one person went inside the religious place to express his annoyance with the Creator that I don’t have good shoes to wear but on seeing a beggar without legs, sitting while coming out again went inside to convey thanks to at least have feet to walk.  The beggar may be the victim of some accident or a biological process but should try to understand that it can’t be because of luck.

We must be satisfied and thankful to the Almighty/Nature about whatever we had and not cursing about the luck by viewing from other perspective – what we had, others don’t have and following to work hard to fulfill our dreams.

Frankly speaking, normally we say best of luck when someone is going out for some work or to appear in some exams. But the false impression of luck disappears when we start seeing the things as they actually are. If one has not worked hard, how one could be successful in life. We must first try to know as to why it has happened.  One who is contended is better than a rich man and thousands of person admitted in the hospitals for treatment of  chronic diseases.  

Work hard - Luck is the concept invented by weak persons just to camouflage or cover-up your failures even if it is pre-written and not readable.

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