LBDN – stands for Looking Busy Doing N.......

LBDN – stands for Looking Busy Doing N.......

Looking busy and doing nothing is abbreviated as LBDN. Most of the times, when we ask someone to do something, we will perceive the sound of the words – Look, I am very busy. Don’t have time for this.

We all know that everyone has 24 hours time in a day and everyone has scheduled it according to his requirement or convenience of others.  It’s an art to managing the time-table to please everyone but keeping up the self-interests.

But LBDN means fritter away to waste time or money on things that are not necessary or important or in other words, to prevent yourself from becoming bored by doing something daily for which you are not actually interested.

Another expression used to express the term of busy – I am as busy as a bee  - since bees are always flying around here and there working, this is used to show that we are busy.  The others are – I am up to my ears in work. I am buried in work. I am tied up. I am slammed. Anyhow, one should always look busy to others even if he or she may not do anything. 

The other day I visited the chamber of Chairman of the college decorated with photographs and modern furniture and a corner of his office on a high plinth.  On my pointing that your office doesn’t look like an educational institution, there must be readable or relevant books corner so that you may look education even if you are not so. To my surprise, on my next visit, after a week’s time, a beautiful shelf with books on it were eye-catching for me.

Frankly speaking, I recollect an incident when I virtually I don’t have any work on some particular day when my senior entered my cabin and saw me signing my signatures on a plain paper. What are you doing Mr Monga, he asked putting a constant eye on the paper. Noting Sir, it’s LBDN, I said. He again said, What? I said, Sir, LBDN stands for looking busy doing nothing.  Today, I don’t any work, even routine, I decided to complicate my own signatures so that one may not copy. 

Without uttering a word for the purpose of his visit to my cabin, he instantly said, Good, I will too, both for improving my signature style and looking busy while having no work and left smilingly.

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