COVID-19: Never Known Before Let us pass 21-days at home without panic and fear but with caution

COVID-19: Never Known Before 
Let us pass 21-days at home without panic and fear but with caution
It takes 21-days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle

It is said that it takes 21-days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. By keeping in lockdown, we will change the habit of a virus not to affect us and if we continue the preventive measures for another 90 days, it will make our changed lifestyle to fight with any challenge in future as we will be so conscious about the habits of keeping a distance, cleanliness.  Making success the Swachh Bharat Mission is the only best option, to keep India virus-free.
 After taking lessons from China and other countries like China, Italy, Iran, Spain and the United Sates and even for the measures taken so far in our own country starting with Janata Curfew, where COVID-19 virus has created unprecedented situations, India has taken the right decision to put 21-days curfew throughout the country.  Isolation and keeping a distance from the affected places and infectious persons is the only remedy to control the virus. 
Not taking otherwise the meaning of Lockdown – the act of confining prisoners to their cells – usually to regain control during a riot – but taking it in a lighter way, when we watch the Big Boss serial, we should feel that we are a part of Big Boss house now, by keeping a distance from all the worldly affairs.  In such a way we can cooperate not only with the government but with the other fellows also, to combat the threat of virus in our country.
During this period we can do, what we could not do because of the shortage of time, creative work or otherwise some other job while sitting at home.  I had earlier shared - In this materialistic and fast-moving world, everyone curse that we don’t have spare time to do this and that. However, with the spread and threat of Coronavirus, declared as an epidemic worldwide and lockdown up to March 31 barring the essential services and asking the IT employees to work from home.
Janata Curfew may be due to spread of Coronavirus but no one should take it lightly as well as serious also provided you are taking the preventive measures. However, you will sufficient time to make its best use and to do something good to make this time as memorable.
Stay Home-Stay Safe is the safety mantra to be free from any virus. While at home, do whatever you like such yoga and meditation in the morning, read a book of your choice from your personal library or online, play some instrument, watch the movie on TV, make Digi-Locker of your documents or update it, spend time with kids and old persons, make some creative work by doing painting etc., do cleaning at home and cooking new dishes and last but not the least.. you can maintain a diary of your experience too, later on, to Share with others.
We should be proud of the doctors’ community who are extending their services by risking their lives.
Talking about the other side of the development at the global level with the availability of ultra-modern nuclear weapons, missiles, warplanes even faster than air, bombs – in other words, the man who himself has invented the equipment to kill the man, has compelled to think for a moment of our existence on this planet earth.  In fact, we ignored the principles of nature and given against its and the result is before us. But all these weapons are now to kneel before a virus which has forced us to go in isolation, confined to houses and put to a halt everything – business, the lifeline of India – rail services.
Everyone is cursing the year 2020 – full of virus. Even someone shared on message, dear the crime, the accident rate has come down. After visiting the foreign lands, I had given the road safety mantra – drive at a distance and in a queue.  The same applies now to our day to day life when the deadly infectious disease has attached the entire population on planet earth.  Now, I can say, Stay at a distance and Stay in Safe is the life-saving mantra.   It is the right time – when you have now sufficient time to think and learn a big lesson for changing the lifestyles.
Frankly speaking, not going by the statistics of virus affected people and deaths, the entire medical fraternity is worried about the possible outbreak of the pandemic in its Stage-3 in a country like India and working on it despite treating the virus-affected patients by risking their lives and staff of other essential forces. Stage-3 is very critical when there are apprehensions of the community spread were the source of infection will not be known.
We should go by the advice of experts to follow the lockdown of 21 days, come what may – a need of the hour.  Stage-3 is very critical when there are apprehensions of the community spread where the source of infection will not be known especially when there are the number of untraced non-resident Indians with foreign travel history but have not reported for the mandatory health check-up. 
We should take these 21 days as vacation and spend time with the members of the family at home and pass it without panic, fear but certainly with caution.

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