Age no bar to help…. !!! Bebe is latest example

Age no bar to help…. !!!   
Bebe is latest example of helping hands during corona-curfew period

I have heard number of times from older persons that age is no bar for acquiring knowledge and education especially when I did my PG in Mass Communication in the retirement year in 2008 but on seeing the viral video of 97-year old woman – Gurdev Kaur Dhaliwal of Moga stitching cloth masks during the lock period at home for needy people in view of pandemic coronavirus, I had to suffix the service to education also.
When whole of the world is cursing the China for spread of virus and not timely conscious message to the world or World Health Organisation, apart from government run institution, the private social organizations have also come forward to put their contribution in service to the needy and poor people, in one or the other way.
Gurdev Kaur Dhaliwal – I would call her Bebe - makes masks on old traditional hand-held sewing machine and her weak eye-sight has not prevent her from making 200 masks a day.  Whosoever have seen her on social media, would like to express her gratitude towards Bebe.
The said hand-made sewing machine is said to be imported by her in-laws from Singapore after her wedding.
With the announcement of masks and its wearing mandatory as a preventive measure to be safe from coronavirus, the dealers started selling masks at inflated prices, Bebe decided to prepare face mass and distribute them among the needy free of cost.   Knowing her signing in a selfless service, her neighbourers have come forward to help her and donate clothes to prepare masks. 

I don’t deny that I am not doing anything like this except donating few bucks to the social organizations to add my input in preparing food for the needy, but I am contributing by inspirataional blogs to motivate others.  

Frankly speaking, hope from you too, as this battle is going a long way because of rapid increase of cases in the world.  Over to you for any contribution in this battle against Corona…!!!   

Stay home Stay Safe

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