Coronavirus-Lockdown: My Feelings ....

Coronavirus-Lockdown:  My Feelings ....

I had experienced curfew earlier too but not with virus threat. Due to lockdown announcement taken timely by India learning a lesson from other countries with the availability of modern infrastructure, the most unbelievable is emptiness.

That was a different experience of war and emergency period. Before typing the script over the title, as to how we view and experience during the lockdown period, the immediate thought which came to mind was the Big Boss serial.  For a moment, I thought I am part of the serial in my own house. 

Another incident which reminded me is that I happen to visit inside the jail as a social activist to hand over something to the children living with his mother and dental check-up camp, I met one of my colleague, who was under trial inmate and has been, I could say, falsely implicated and later on released on bail to fight in the court of law.  When casually I asked him as to how is the experience, he said, frankly speaking, for the first five-six, it was very difficult but now I feel like a part of Big Boss house.

Coming to the present the scenario of coronavirus curfew-lockdown, it is an unprecedented experience not for me, perhaps for all Indians and everyone is going through a tough phase.  Rather it is a challenge as to how to deal with the abrupt change in the lifestyle.
With the number of corona patients soaring up in India too, I don’t the present extension of lockdown up to May 1, may further be extended.

For me, it’s good to be on the laptop for updating of news on the portal and then sharing in my social media groups with the latest inputs but after a fortnight period, it too has become a tough job now in front of the laptop and mobile screens putting a strain on the eyes. With TV serials relay with rewind, too has bored.

It is definitely an opportunity for those who had small kids to spend quality time but to say at home 24x7 in fear of the pandemic threat of coronavirus, we have not thought over but have to change the lifestyle.   Since our mobility is limited to a few square meters, planning to switch over to daily yoga exercise as eating, sleeping, spending time of lap, sometimes on TV, not feeling to read any book – as I had vertigo - an inner ear infection, causing brief dizziness when calcium builds up in canals of the inner ear, that lasts for 20 seconds to one minute – when you feel of moving of all the things around you when got from the bed or turn your sides. Anyhow, with instant doctor’s advice on the phone – I started recovering.

Reading a book is a habit of the highest standard. It expands your ability and multiplies your wisdom. More you read, the more your perception gets clearer besides getting knowledge. It is also an ideal mental exercise.

During this quarantine days, the best thing I have observed is going on changing the activity. Watch the exciting and magic shows on TV.  Look for the things which you were looking for some time but could not get it.

On the flip side, we may question but understand the need for a lockdown for not going to the office, meeting friends etc. which can cause a sense of restlessness but stay home, to avoid to get transmitted the virus is the best option to win over the virus threat.  Really, during this frightening crisis, praying with hope to kill your long stress from the never heard before the virus, since my childhood, is essential.

Frankly speaking, most of the time we learn in crisis. Try to use your time in lockdown wisely to improve your skills and stay positive.  It reminds me of the quote of Napoleon – Every adversity brings with it a seed of equal or great opportunity. 

So, it is the right time to get new opportunities in life. But stay home, stay safe, maintain social distancing while out for any essentials not for ourselves but for others also who are on duty risking their life, for us.

Every situation is the result of how we look at it.  Things can either be positive or negative depending on a person's outlook.

Me going, you too please go to sleep with a positive attitude with the hope to get up with good news.

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