Media soldiers on Corona frontline

Media soldiers on Corona frontline

The entire planet earth is overwhelmed between ‘life and death’ struggle against the menacing coronavirus pandemic, the media – print, electronic as well as social media -  despite losing in circulation and losses in advertisement revenues are educating and awakening societies and governments at a critical time.

 So, in the hour of crisis, it the responsibility of media houses to give authentic news to avoid any panic.  At the same time, merely sharing and liking would not deliver the required results but by adopting the instructions of the government and advice of the medical experts.

It’s also like a war on the media houses and they should not come under the influence of populist persons rather come up in a relatively independent manner.

Half-baked news is more dangerous than ignorance and media houses are very conscious on this point depending upon their well trained and dedicated team and sharing the confirmed news at this easily broken stage.

Media will definitely feel its duty and responsibility to help to curb the coronavirus and come out with more confident and preparation to face any challenge in future.

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