What people say over unprecedented situation of Coronavirus?

COVID-19: What people say over the situation?

Ferozepur, April 1, 2020:  As the country entered 8th day of lockdown, the number of infected with the Coronavirus cases continued to rise and the present situation is not normal. The governments have introduced a series of steps to ease people’s suffering and check the outbreak of the virus.
COVID-19 – Coronavirus – never known before, an infectious disease - started from China and spread globally, has shaken the whole of the world and India is not the exception – where too is spreading fast.  Government at its level doing its best by passing on the instructions to stay at home, isolating the affected persons but without the cooperation of the people, it is very difficult to come out of this web.
Babushahi team member connected with few people in the city, on the issue and all expressed their concern over the virus - which has started from China and spread all over the world including  India - and statistics of infected persons all over the world and deaths so far.  But they have different views over the arrangements, behaviour of the business class and of course the ultimate solution to win over the unprecedented situation by taking unprecedented measures.
Chander Mohan Handa, President, Beopar Mandal
It’s very unfortunate that some shopkeepers are charging exorbitant rates while the time is to do come forward to help the people during the fight against pandemic coronavirus.  I appeal to the people to sell the goods at the normal rates and in case any complaint is received against anyone, I will not hesitate to inform the district administration for taking legal action.
Suresh Kumar, Fast Food Seller
I was working as a fast-food seller and with the imposition of curfew; I have confined lockdown at home for 21 days.  No doubt, the decision taken by the government is in the public and nation interest but how about after the curfew period, if the period is extended in view of the increasing number of coronavirus cases in Punjab. The amount kept for the rainy season will be exhausted and I will be without any money to survive.  The government should think it over seriously to help people like me.
Anita Sikri, House Wife
I am house-wife besides I am doing mushroom farming and small business at home to run the house. But during the curfew period, I can’t go out for sale.  I would appeal to the government to give relaxation in curfew and at the same time request the people to follow the instructions of social distance, avoid crowding so that we could win over both ways, to run the day to day affairs and to combat the spread of coronavirus which has the alarming situation not at the global level and spreading fast and consequences will be beyond control.
Ravi Kumar, Hair Dresser
Having through the news over social media and television, I agree that isolation is the only solution to control the virus spread all over the world.  I am not so educated but I understand that going against nature is to face the end results.  When nothing is left, the only prayer is hope.  Let us pray to come out of the crisis of coronavirus at the earliest to live a normal life.

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