Don’t feel shy, feel at home, and have a cup of tea...!!!.

Don’t feel shy, feel at home, and have a cup of tea...!!!

When I was a student of Higher Secondary which is now Ten +1 in 1966, I still remember the versatile teacher, I mean, he could teach any subject despite basically being a Drawing Teacher.  He is, as he is still alive and often blessed when I touch his feet on meeting face to face or happens to visit in his office in the school; his son is running under his supervision.
He had a a number of qualities and any old student like me can pen down in a number of pages.  He is still witty as he was during school time. He used to support us, I mean, a group of few students of his liking, whenever bunked the particular period on our excuse of having sent us by him for some particular work.

He used to take tuition at his home in those days, not that we were weak in subjects but just to enjoy his company besides becoming more intelligent about the main subjects – English and Maths.  

Now when the curfew has been imposed in the wake of Covid-10 virus threat and confined to four-walls, one has a lot of time, to do at home while I get time to update my blogs on my own domain in addition to the latest news reporting on online portals, to be first with the news, by cracking the latest and sometimes with the investigative story, apart from writing blogs on the current issues or by catching one-liner word or sentence from old memories stored in my memory like the central processing unit – CPU of the computer.

Today, when after a month, I had gone upstairs to enjoy the cool weather, during the lockdown period, I felt as if I am in lockup or a part of the Big Boss house of 90 days. I just dragged the two chairs, one to sit on it and others to keep my legs stretched to relax.  Later on, I thought of putting the mobile on a timer-mode on the other chair to click me, to keep today’s pic of lockup as a memory in one of my folders on my laptop.

What I did on the roof for half an hour was – exercise-yoga for 15-minutes, mobile scrolling of screen for about 10-minutes with just one tweet to a senior officer from whom sometimes I get a response and just 5-minutes sitting with closed eyes to have a look at the flashback memories. Another thing I did was to put water in the empty pot kept for the flying birds, which has not been filled, say from the day of lockdown.  I felt as if the empty pot is cursing on me not coming to the roof for full one month, never thinking that the birds must be feeling thirsty and decided to do this practice at least on a daily basis.

Frankly speaking, with this in mind that every adversity has some blessings, had I not gone upstairs today, this thought would not have come to my mind.  How far I continue this practice of pouring the water in the pot, which the practice was discontinued, only the time will tell?

Coming to the real thought which came to my mind about my teacher was – his style of teaching the English translation from Hindi.  He used to say first in Hindi – sharmaeay matt – don’t feel shy, apna hi ghar samajhiya – feel at home, aur chai ka pyala pijaye – and have a cup of tea, which he used to pick and sip in the last while saying this. Dedicating this blog to my teacher, I feel pleasure to be a student of – SPC Ji – May He live long.
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