CORONA-CYCLING-IMPROVE IMMUNE SYSTEM : Kanav, 9-year-old Pledge to Pedal

Promised to cover 500-km cycling in a month
Kanav, 3rd Std student starts ‘Pledge to Pedal’ campaign to improve immune system amid Corona threat

Ferozepur, June 29, 2020: On the very first day on his new Max Brand cycle, Kanav, born on October 19, 2011, a student of 3rd Std at St. Joseph Convent School, had a ride of 30 km, from his residence in Bedi Colony to Bazidpur and back along with his father.  He has pledged to do cycling at lease for 500 km in a month to improve his immune system amid Corona threat.
Cycling is an active, low-impact exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from youngsters to older adults. Regular physical activity can protect you from serious diseases such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, diabetes and arthritis.
In fact, Kanav had seen one day a number of people including small kids doing cycling in the early morning, during relaxation in lockdown in Corona pandemic, when the passion of doing cycling intone in him.  Though hard and unpitying, cycling requires great sacrifices who love to enjoy the morning dreams but once it becomes to one’s mind it becomes a passion from a health point of view.  Kanav has proved his sacrifices by starting cycling.
When the prices of petrol and diesel have gone too high, cycling is easy to fit into your daily routine by riding to the school, college, shops, parks or work which will not only save fuel and money, it will also be helpful in giving the pollution-free environment.  Besides, it gives a chance to explore new places, routes around the city, and improving the immune system in the wake of the Corona attack.  While it improves your sense of consciousness while riding, it grows one’s social circle when you visit different places around the city.
It happened with Kanav also, who not only insisted on a new cycle not just for fun to do cycling in the colony rather a regular cyclist with his father Ashu Narula.
When talked to Kanav, he said in his sharp toned voice, “Uncle, I had just started four days back my cycling but I will continue it with a target of 500 km in a month.  Cycling gives me pleasure in addition to the feeling of physically active throughout the day.
On asking about the reaction of Kanav, his father Ashu told, Kanal has rather made me a regular cyclist.  The new cycle has made Kanav conscious about his health at a tender age and disciplined to keep it neat and clean for the next morning.  His craze for cycling will definitely motivate the youths of his age, to switch over to cycling, especially when the prices of petrol had gone up, not suitable to the pocket of a common man even, he said proudly.
Changing people's minds towards a real cycle culture is a real change and the 'Pledge to Pedal' can also encourage cycling among "sleeping" target groups, which usually would not cycle, they include elderly, business people and people seeking comfort.
Ashu also appealed to the people to start paddling to a healthier and pollution free future before the circumstances worsen for the people and environment.

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