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Frankly speaking….. Feeling sometimes is not a reality – is a compilation of write-ups – published and unpublished – with catchy titles, anecdotes of various life-lessons that I have found out from my personal and official experience. The book focuses on whatever learning experiences I have come across in my life, I have accumulated them in my book, in a lighter way.

I have tried to co-relate each title with realities of life to make it more educative, informative, knowledgeable, and message able by tastefully picking them from the spoken words during discussions or reading books - to make my own World of Words. The book will be a showcase of multiple issues that we face in our personal and professional lives. I hope while reading this book, readers will be reminded of various amusing and learning experiences in their lives too.

The Audio-Video will be available in the subsequent YouTube links from the pages of book Frankly speaking released just now.

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