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`Frankly Speaking' Is A Mirror of Realities of Life



`Frankly Speaking...Feeling sometimes is not a reality', is a reflective collection whose stories move across times and circumstances to arrive somewhere real. Harish Monga's genre-diverse short story collection Frankly Speaking captures characters and fleeting moments while putting a twist on everyday life.

This book is an encounter with truth through a lot of amazement as Author Harish Monga has succeeded in representing the hustle and bustle of our daily life humorously. The book entails sixty-five short stories, which was not just a work of fiction but the author's life experiences. 

Most of us go through a lot of sweet and salty experiences in pursuit of the course of our lives, and `Frankly Speaking' gives expression to all of these learning experiences. Being the protagonist (the storyteller), the Author plays a pivotal role throughout the book by sharing his personal experiences one after another. 

 The beauty of the book is that it never lets you feel boredom at the hands of lengthy stories as most of the anecdotes are only two pages. The stories keep changing as you leaf through the pages. At every page, there is a new anecdote crafted with full of humor and learning experiences.

 The anecdote I liked the most is `Choosing Password- my bitter experience', which describes password driven our modern society. We have a password for everything these days- sometimes it is quite hard to remember all the passwords- and here comes the plight of a common man. The writer shares his personal experiences with the password selection that reflects the troubles of each of us dealing with the same situation. 

The title of each anecdote makes it more realistic and exciting to read, however a twist at the end shakes up the story with its insight and delivers to the readers' expectations. 

 `Frankly Speaking', this book is a treat to mind and food for thoughts published by Gurucool Publishing, Hyderabad of 147 pages, available on Amazon. 

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