Feedback from Plus 2 Student of Dass and Brown School on reading Frankly Speaking....



Hello Sir, I Dikshit Sharma after reading book "Frankly Speaking ... " feeling very happy and very blessed to have writer like you in our district . 

I have read half of it and want that when complete with it I will meet to personally and have your signatures on your own book. 

As per its title - Frankly Speaking,  you have literally written in a way that I feel like sitting with you and gaining wonderful experience your life as you written in -Dye or Die... choice is yours  page 9.  The way how you written your experiences of life and today's time,  is very interesting.

And at last I wish for your wonderful writing and hope that you will write more for us.     

Thank you, Dikshit Sharma

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Author Harish Monga: I was surprised when I got a mail and the first reaction was to know the identity of the person, as I had not presented a book to him.  In response to the mail it was disclosed that Dikshit is the son of a senior Jouralist Harinder Sharma a Photographer by profession from village Jhoke. Really, I was feeling over whelmed  with the interest of a student of Plus 2 and giving a feedback with his valuable comments along with a pic with the book. I am looking forward to his visit to get my signature on book with him, which will make me celebrity.

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