LET ME FLY by Juni Roy - a review for the reader



by Juni Roy



Review  as reader by HARISH MONGA –9815087017

 Let Me Fly by Juni Roy is her maiden book in English published by Gurucool Publications, Hyderbad.

 Juni Roy is Homeo Doctor and Librarian in one reputed school.  She loves storytelling and popular among the children of her area. 

 Let Me Fly – penned down by Juni Roy based on some fiction and some real events of her life.  It’s 90 page book in Four Chapters and Let Me Fly is one of them. 

 The language used is very lucid and in small sentences easy to grasp.  However, to read the text in flow, some punctuation is lacking.

Chapter 1        – Tulika’s Adventure - The author has used somewhere the words to portrait the real feelings like – it was bone chilling cold – at the hill stations, which takes you in your imaginative world, to enjoy the climate in the valley.  It has miraculous and has not left to the read for its happy ending.

Chapter 2         – Let Me Fly - The author is very close to animal kingdom being blessed with many wonderful pets and had thought of concentrating on particular field.  The story goes around the pet parrot. Dialogues penned from the mouth of parrot gives a feeling of your presence at their home, justify saying Let Me Fly while closing eyes for every, with no fear of crow to kill. This chapter is going to be an asset for pet lovers and will start taking care of them to keep them comfortable as a part of their family members.

Chapter 3        – Gattu The Cat – is too a story around a pet who becomesa family member when all family members are concerned on his missing and coming back.  Rather, as a reader one will enjoy this drama in the world of words. The affection shown by the family in words is commendable and has a happy ending with another pet Zebra. 

Chapter 4        – I Am Brownie the Pet – Teasing of bull scene by boys reminds the childhood stories on coming back from school.  Perhaps, it is the first time, as a reader and associated with the blinds community, heard about the Brownie as blind-bull which is hardly kept as a pet.  It has happy ending of enlightened world to see the light of the day on becoming daddy.

 No doubt, while writing some fiction events have been added, as stated by the author herself, but while reading the chapters, one can’t judge when it becomes a part of non-fiction and looks a reality.

The reader will definitely enjoy the scenes in detail in all the four chapters. Wish a happy reading.



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