To write or not to write ……


To write or not to write ……




No doubt, in this digital era, there is a lot of material available written on the topics of your choice but to write or not to write, that is the question.  While writing puts wiser the reader about your thoughts, it also improves your skill exceedingly – in style and in thoughts as well.  

Since the release of my book Frankly Speaking….  I started working on my second issue titled Silence too Speaks but did not write any blog.  But the publishing of my first book – Frankly Speaking – Feeling sometimes is not a reality – is a great achievement for me, availing the lockdown period.  Really it was a good time for me at least in two ways – one, became an author and the other staying at home was quite safe.

But, having not written anything, for the last many months except on New Year’s Day resolutions,  I had become lethargic while the idea to write or not to write keep popping into my head and today I decided to put them down.

The period between publication till now, I have received a number of messages, emails, and calls about the feedback on my book right from it’s unstoppable reading to waiting for the next edition, which has encouraged me to think over the pile of mails, messages, which I have not some of them opened yet.

So, what do I do?  Choosing a topic is a big question while elaborating it with your thought is easy.

The most heard words in the newspapers and television are  Covid vaccine and Farmers agitation which again takes your mind to the un-constructive world. 

When you want a larger readership to become famous, you have to put on paper or your laptop screen the new ideas, concepts of the reader’s interest. In other words, it should be constructive and productive rather meaningful, and message able for all.  

Writing on the current topics means like the less we are focused on the present, the worse our writing will be, which guarantees that fewer people would like to read.

A few days back, I started writing one-liner thought like – Control your driving force, to please others. I remember the honour bestowed upon me but forget the insult. I am important but at the same time, it was a misconception.

Anyhow, to write or not to write is an individual’s question but to write one requires imagination with a pencil in hand or fingers on the keyboard, to make the moment of worthwhile. 

It was just in thought and let us see which thought comes to my mind to share with my readers.

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