No more entry in capsule wardrobe…..

No more entry in capsule wardrobe…..

Harish Monga

Before I may discuss the social consciousness about the dress and fast-changing fashion, I recollect an incident when I visited my tailor after a long gap due to retirement as there was no immediate requirement of any new clothes as sufficient stock was available in my personal capsule wardrobe. 

What was that incident? 

The tailor asked me, dear, seeing you after a long time, as if, my services are not required. 

My instant reply was – No dear, how it is possible, adding that without you, we have not to move naked in the city.

But when now I started searche about the fast-changing fashion in the society, which deserves criticism, as it is a temporary phase, when new fashion is in the market, and stock lying in capsule wardrobe - has to be discarded.

I also summon up from my old memories that whenever anyone goes to the tailor, the first thing the customer asks is – in how much time you will these stitched clothes.

There are two types of customers to the tailor shop.  One, who had to get the new clothes stitched as per their immediate requirement – may be school uniform, office decorum for dress, politicians to attend some functions, family members to attend some family function.  The second one is – like me, who, despite having sufficient stockpile in their almirahs, but still to go with the changing fashion.  The urgency of the first one is genuine.  The second one, like me, will not ask for immediate delivery but will go for the exact date of delivery so that the charm of wearing a new dress is not lost.

But to my surprise, there are high-profile persons who have limited fashion options who wear only one or two colour cloth decisions.

Yes, President Barack Obama’s – many of us might have seen him on the TV with a single colour designed to suit and tie – is one of them. 

He quoted is more astonishing.  He says I don’t want to make decisions about what I am eating or wearing because I have too many other decisions to make. What I have discovered quickly from all this the benefit of limiting my wardrobe is getting ready in the morning would be easier, quicker and more efficient and time saved can be used for other constructive works.

We see the dressed professionals in various professions including doctors, executives, army and security agencies – are free from the problem of maintaining the capsule of the wardrobe.  If they can, anybody else can also.   I am thinking, even in my 70s, to restrict the entry of new clothes to my capsule wardrobe.

Frankly speaking - the words said by one of my close friend – proved gold – there is no need to show where people know you and at the same time there is no need to show where people don’t know you. 

Over to you!

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