Frankly speaking..... Age says, now be serious! But ….

Age says, now be serious! But ….


Aging is a natural process. Everyone has to undergo this phase of life at his or her own time and pace. In the broader sense, aging reflects all the changes taking place over the course of life. These changes start from birth—one grows, develops, and attains maturity. To the young, aging is exciting.

 After my retirement in 2008, I continued with my writing passion on my own domain and also started associating with the online news portals and continuing from day one since 2011 with operational under the banner of Tirshi Nazar Media – TNM.   During the recent lockdown, I could get my book – Frankly Speaking-feeling sometimes is not a reality – released online and shared with friends and relatives, known friends, and some unknown persons through the network and got a good response – informative, message able, educative and unstoppable reading book.

There was a sudden break in my routine on March 3, when I slipped in the washroom and within a fraction of seconds, got fractured near my right eyebrows with few stitches.  The good part is that all other body was fine in CT Scans with best wishes from all.

Since I was off from the writing and reporting part but did not inform except the Editor, news portal but when the alerts were stopped in the evening, I started getting queries.

One of the close friends of mine text me a message – Take care and always try to do things slowly.  Naturally, after such an incident, one is conscious in day to day routine.

While I was just thinking to respond to this about the changed lifestyle now, I just went through a couplet in Hindi - उम्र कहती है अब  संजीदा हुआ जाये! - मन कहता है उम्र खत्म हो रही है, नादानियां कुछ और कर लें !  - Age says, now be serious! The mind says age is ending, fools should do something else!

Just thought of sharing with you in a lighter mood now after back to my World of Words - online work, - aging is not lost youth but maturing and knowledge. Perhaps the time had come of drooping of hair on the eyebrow because of aging so a groomed eyebrow on me opens the eye and makes me look younger.




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