Remembering Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev on 90th anniversary of Martyrdom Day



Remembering  Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev on 90th anniversary of Martyrdom Day


Remembering the most prominent revolutionaries – Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev - on this day, through his biography, will definitely carry forward his revolutionary teachings, who accepted gallows on March 23, 1931, to pass on the ideological legacy for freedom of India.

An immensely talented, revolutionary, charismatic and scholarly young man who epitomized the best values of secularism and rationality, led by example, put his nation, team and people before himself, who becomes a legend in his times.

The three heroes were sentenced despite the fact that their names did not find in the FIR lodged at Lahore on March 23, 1931.

Pakistan-based Bhagat Singh Memorial Foundation Chairman, Imtiaz Rasheed Qureshi, is still fighting in the court of law at Lahore to prove their innocence besides renaming Shadman Chowk as Bhagat Singh Chowk and setting up a museum at his birthplace and declaring them as national heroes.

The trios are a source of inspiration for one generation after another. Bhagat Singh had said, Individuals can be crushed, but not the ideas, which have a long life than individuals.  They were hanged as individuals by British rules but their ideas continue to spread fragrance.  But they will continue to be regarded as the supreme martyrs of the Indian freedom struggle.

Though certain institutions after Bhagat Singh has been named and memorials set up at Khat Khat Kalan and Hussainiwla and a bit by the film industry by releasing movies – Shaheed, Rang De Basanti and number of books by various authors and even his face has popped up in farmer agitation and every year organizing rallies, seminars as rituality.  

But in return, they have not been given the due recognition even after seven decades of freedom by establishing a National Memorial at Hussainiwala (near Indo-Pak border 12 km from Ferozepur in Punjab State – their last rest place and developing the hide-out of the Krantikari Party led by legendary revolutionary Bhagat Singh, even after declaring it as a protected monument by the State government.


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