I feel immense satisfaction and contentment in launching my own website –www.didopost.com – World of words – on the eve of my 63rd birthday.  Internet has become a powerful new-age media and more and more people today read online newspapers. The idea behind starting this portal was to have my own library of write-ups on the internet. It will be convenient for all my readers to find all my write-ups on one single place.  Saying something about the title, I had read GIGO as the basic term for computer technology which means Garbage In Garbage Out, I changed it to DIDO – Data In Data Out.  In fact, whatever we put in the computer, we get the same but in some presentable form.For the last 3 decades I have been contributing to various newspapers in the form of letters to the editors, middles and articles etc . More than 5000 letters to the editors have been contributed by me in leading English news dailies. I will be uploading all my old write-ups simultaneously along with the current topics on this website to have your comments on my opinions to put me wiser for my future write-ups.I will not be justifying my launching this portal, if I don’t recognize the portals which motivated and encouraged me to write more frequently and frankly in lucid English language for every class and on every current topic. They are; Punjabnewsline.com, Punjabnewsexpress.com, Cityairnews.com, Dailypostmail.com, Merinews.com and Babushahi.com.I hope you will enjoy the write-ups and let us meet regularly on this online portal.